GOP Officials Question Robertson on SAFE Act

Local lawmakers are calling on congressional candidate Martha Robertson to state her position on the New York SAFE Act and 2nd Amendment rights.

Of the 11 counties in the 23rd Congressional District, 10 of them have passed resolutions calling for the repeal of the SAFE Act. Tompkins County, where Robertson serves on the legislature and was Chair of the Legislature until the beginning of this year, has not.

Robertson voted against a resolution in support of the SAFE Act in April of 2013, but some local Republicans say that isn’t good enough. An open letter has been circulating around Republican committees throughout the 23rd Congressional District calling on Robertson to explain her position on the SAFE Act and 2nd Amendment rights.

“It’s very important for sports enthusiasts, gun owners, and defenders of the 2nd Amendment to know where their candidates stand on the issues and we’re asking Martha Robertson to take a stand on the issue and oppose the SAFE Act,” said Rodney Strange, a Republican legislator in the Chemung County Legislature.

“She’s still not making a full statement stating that this is not legal, it’s not good legislation, and I’m fully against it,” said Edward Fairbrother, Town Supervisor in Big Flats.

WETM-TV reached out to Martha Robertson’s campaign Wednesday, and they responded, releasing a statement that said, “Congressman Tom Reed was dishonest about paying his taxes late thirty nine times, Congressman Reed was dishonest about getting paid during the shut down, Congressman Reed was dishonest about not taking what he called special interest healthcare and Congressman Reed is being dishonest about this issue too. Martha opposes the SAFE ACT and voted against it – period.”

Again, Robertson voted against a resolution in support of the SAFE Act in April of 2013. But according to the Tompkins County Meeting Minutes, Robertson voted against an amendment that opposed the SAFE Act.

The minutes also show that Robertson “yes” on a motion to refer the resolution in support of the SAFE Act to committee, but then voted against it on final vote.

Congressman Tom Reed’s campaign released a statement Wednesday following Robertson’s response, saying, “Martha Robertson is once again launching personal attacks against Tom Reed because she can’t defend her record. The fact is Martha Robertson does not support the Second Amendment and that’s why anti- gun extremists like Nancy Pelosi are funding her campaign. Whether it’s voting for the SAFE Act, spending over $100,000 dollars on a desk or doubling property taxes, Robertson will say anything to avoid talking about her record.”

Source: WETM