Reed Calls for Greater Financial Responsibility

February 11, 2014
Contact: Katherine Pudwill
(607) 684-6262 (o)

Reed Calls for Greater Financial Responsibility

Corning – With national debt nearing $17.3 trillion and the workforce participation rate at its lowest levels since the Jimmy Carter Administration, Tom Reed today voted against a clean debt ceiling increase, calling for greater financial responsibility out of Washington.

“I work everyday to address the more than $17 trillion in national debt that will ultimately destroy our economy and threaten the future of our children if left unchecked as today’s bill does,” said Tom Reed. “Because I care about our future generations, I oppose the clean debt ceiling bill passed today.”

In contrast, spokeswoman Katherine Pudwill offered: “Voters sent Tom to Washington to change the status quo. Martha Robertson believes in raising taxes and increasing spending as evidenced by her voting record in Tompkins County.  We know she supports the passage of a clean debt-ceiling bill such as the one passed today. Giving Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi a blank check to raise the debt ceiling without spending reductions or reforms is just not fair to our children and grandchildren.”