Administration Signaling Flawed System

February 13, 2014
Contact: Katherine Pudwill
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Administration Signaling Flawed System

Corning – Just three days after the Administration announced the second delay for the Obamacare business mandate, democrats across the country are running from their support of the law.

Beginning with the disastrous rollout of the online marketplace, the wave of policy cancellations and last weeks Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report showing millions of jobs lost under the law, this weeks delay is not the first, and it certainly won’t be the last. Since the rollout began, the Administration has disregarded inconvenient portions of the signature law and the latest delay coming days after the CBO report suggests an awareness of the potentially devastating effects on a job market that is already suffering.

“While Democrats everywhere are running from the law, Martha Robertson maintains her steadfast support claiming, “we should give the law a chance” in the midst of a clear signal from the Administration that it just isn’t working,” said Katherine Pudwill.  “Robertson might want to start taking a look at the millions of cancelled plans, delayed mandates and Medicare cuts and rethink whether experimenting with people’s jobs and careers is really worth it. Robertson should address the disaster that is Obamacare and start explaining what she thinks we should do about it and why she thinks that it would be better for the government to control everyone’s healthcare.