Release: Robertson Defends Obamacare

Corning – Tom Reed’s campaign today called on Martha Robertson to explain her support of the Affordable Care Act and recent statements she made blaming Republicans for “actively sabotaging” the Affordable Care Act through insufficient funding for the website.

Conservative cost estimates of the website come in around $150 million, with GAO citing costs at $350 million. Cost of the website was appropriated during the initial passage of the legislation and have not been “sabotaged” by House Republicans, as Robertson claims.

Sunday was the law’s fourth anniversary, blowing out the candles to over four million cancelled policies, abysmal enrollment numbers, and over 15 Executive delays. Just last week, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius conceded that premiums are still likely to go up despite promises from the Administration that the ACA would lower the cost of health care for an average family by $2,500 per year.

“Martha Robertson thinks we need to spend more on Obamacare and is blaming the failure of the program on Republican “sabotage,” said Katherine Pudwill. “Where is the accountability that’s owed to hardworking Americans? Martha Robertson lied when she said Republicans sabotaged her website and she’s lying again by saying Republicans sabotaged Obamacare.”