Release: Robertson Supports Obamacare and Pushes Harder for Government-Run Health Care

Corning – Tom Reed’s campaign today called on Martha Robertson to explain her support of a single-payer, completely government run and controlled healthcare system.

Just two weeks ago the Affordable Care Act celebrated it’s fourth anniversary, blowing out the candles to over five million cancelled policies, abysmal enrollment numbers, and over 15 executive delays.

Martha Robertson has been clear and highly vocal about her support of ObamaCare, and believes it is the first step towards her ultimate goal of a complete government takeover of health care. When asked about the legislations shortcomings Robertson recently shifted the blame for the legislation’s failure onto Republicans claiming they “actively sabotaged” the Affordable Care Act through insufficient funding for


In light of the Obamacare debacle, and the inability of the federal government to manage a website portal, a complete federal government takeover of the health care system is a hard sell; but not for Martha Robertson. With millions of cancelled policies to date, Robertson still believes in a central healthcare policy that puts government firmly in the middle of the relationship between patients and their doctors, while raising taxes to pay for such huge government expansion.

“Martha Robertson continues to defend her support of ObamaCare by trying to pass the blame for ObamaCare’s failure on an alleged conspiracy of the Republican Party,” said Katherine Pudwill, campaign spokeswoman. “If the Administration can’t even run a website, why should the public trust complete government run healthcare as Martha Robertson advocates? Under Martha Robertson’s goal of a single-payer government controlled health care system, Robertson passes the tab of such a huge government operation onto hardworking taxpayers and puts the government smack in the middle of those taxpayers health care decisions.  That just isn’t right,” Pudwill continues.

“Tom Reed believes individuals understand their healthcare needs better than government bureaucrats and insurance carriers – patients need more control, not less. If you think waiting to enroll in the online marketplace was a disaster, wait until you have to stand in line for your hip replacement, colonoscopy or pace maker.”