Release: Robertson Financially Reckless

Corning – Taxpayers deserve a responsible budget. With taxes at an all time high, lawmakers at the federal, state and local level strive to utilize hardworking taxpayer dollars to invest in infrastructure and the economy.

For Martha Robertson, the same can’t be said. Robertson raised taxes 8 times and spending in Tompkins County rose by 58 percent all while she was voting to raise her own salary. Robertson claims that while no one likes to pay taxes, they like what their taxes buy. Do taxpayers like what Martha Robertson is buying with their money? During her tenure in the county legislature, Robertson has recklessly wasted millions in taxpayer dollars.


Robertson should explain the $110,000 desk she purchased with those tax dollars as part of a $1.2 million dollar courthouse renovation, or the $17,000 she spent to spray paint the shoulders of a road near her home green to slow down traffic as part of a $2.3 million dollar project that will only last five years.

“Martha Robertson’s approach means more reckless spending and unfair tax increases on middle class families,” said Katherine Pudwill. “Robertson spent over $110,000 on a desk in the legislature, and thousands more to spray paint the roads near her home green. That really makes you question if the taxes you pay improve the infrastructure, or play out the liberal fantasies of a financially reckless Martha Robertson. Tom Reed cares about families in Western New York and is working to balance the budget and fight for jobs and the future in order to pave the way for growth – and no, it won’t be paved with green spray paint, but with real opportunity.”