Release: Robertson Takes ‘Going Green’ to a New Level

Robertson Takes ‘Going Green’ to a New Level

 Corning – In the middle of a tough economic recovery, taxpayers deserve a responsible budget. Taxpayers in the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes already pay some of the highest property tax rates in the nation. Each year, officials at the federal, state and county levels look for a path to get our economy and our communities back on the road to recovery. In Martha Robertson’s case, that road to recovery is an expensive one, and it’s paved with wasted taxpayer dollars.

While fictional characters have followed the yellow brick road with the hope of finding answers, Martha Robertson is following the winding green road and paving it with tax dollars. At least Dorothy got to meet the Wizard of Oz at the end of her journey, while Martha Robertson has only been met with fading green shoulders that successfully squandered thousands of tax dollars with nothing to show for it.


The “road” in question is a well-traveled one in front of Robertson’s home, and in the last two years has undergone a legislature approved shoulder-tinting project. The Ellis Hollow project allocated thousands of taxpayer dollars to paint the shoulders of Robertson’s road green to slow down drivers, after a mass-repaving project had already cost close to two million dollars. When all was said and done research showed the tinting actually slightly increased speeds on the road with many community members and local officials weighing in on the foolish waste of money.

“Martha Robertson has recklessly wasted millions in taxpayer dollars,” said Katherine Pudwill. “In today’s economy, none of us are green with envy at the nearly two million dollars the taxpayers of Tompkins County will shell out to bankroll Robertson’s unfair and extreme spending habits. Tom Reed cares about where your hard earned money goes, and is working to fight for jobs and the future in the Southern Tier. Martha Robertson’s extreme approach means more reckless spending and unfair tax increases on middle class families.”