Release: Robertson Providing Scenic Views for Inmates

Robertson Providing Scenic Views for Inmates

Corning – Investments in our local communities can come in many different forms, and Martha Robertson thinks that she has the best idea for using the money of hard working Tompkins County families – improved views for jailbirds.


Soon enough, Robertson’s hometown prisoners will be able to enjoy a redesigned outdoor recreation building and stunning views at the taxpayer’s expense. On the fifth redesign of the Tompkins County jail renovation, architects were asked to improve the view of prisoners while inside the jail as well as their view from the outside recreation area. Projected to cost nearly half a million dollars, or around $413 dollars per square foot, the recreation area and window design became the focus of Martha Robertson who has specifically been concerned with “preserving the view” for inmates during the process.

“Martha Robertson’s extreme priorities are out of touch with the families in Western New York,” said Katherine Pudwill. “Rather than putting our families and community first, she is recklessly wasting taxpayer dollars on new prison designs to ensure inmates have a panoramic view. Conversely, Tom Reed cares about where your hard earned money goes, and investments in criminals, spray painted green roads and $110,000 dollar desks don’t make the list for what people of the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes deserve. Fighting for jobs and the future should always come before preserving the view for inmates.”