Remembering Mom

Life Over Coffee – Remembering Mom

When I was young, my Mom and I used to get up early and sit on the back porch together. We would sit and admire the scenery and tell each other stories over steaming mugs. I reflect back on those early mornings together and realize she was teaching me to appreciate our family and everything we had to offer each other.

I look back on my time with my Mom, Betty, and I’m in awe of what she was able to accomplish with our family. After my father passed away, she was left to raise the family and take care of 12 kids on her own. Some might call that a small army, and when it came to cooking dinner she was preparing for battle. Our kitchen became an assembly line, and our freezer was always stocked with lasagnas, just in case.


Sometimes when I feel like I’m pulled in a hundred different directions I like to look back on all of the work my Mom did to raise the 12 of us after my father passed away. Then I realize I’ve got it easy. She put our family first, never punched out and became a specialist of transportation, catering, counseling and all forms of discipline in the absence of my dad. She sacrificed for all of us, and managed a very busy family.

When it comes down to it, our Moms gave us the opportunity to succeed. I want to see all of our sons and daughters achieve success. That’s why I ran for Congress and that’s why I am continuing to fight every day for policies that will protect the American Dream for them. Without my Mom’s guidance and endless encouragement I would not have the drive and passion I do today to ensure our children’s futures are bright. Whether she was feeding a small army, laughing over coffee or running into my swim meet just as I hit the blocks, I knew she was there. Just like Jean is there for our kids as we enjoy the everyday moments that make us a family. She makes sure the kids are ready for anything, and while I’m away in Washington she keeps this family running, and I am truly grateful for the support she offers us each day.

Imagine for a moment, a world in which men are left to fend for themselves- have a laugh, and thank the wonderful women in our lives that have managed the chaos with patience and finesse. My mother Betty and my wife Jean are wonderful examples of the grace required to handle life’s daily challenges.

Thank you to all of the Mothers out there that make our lives a little bit easier each day – Happy Mother’s Day!