Release: Robertson’s First Ad Out of Touch and Offensive

Robertson’s First Ad Out of Touch and Offensive to Millions

Robertson’s first campaign ad exploits outdated photos of Reed, uses factually inaccurate information and recycled foreign footage

Corning – Tom Reed’s campaign today highlighted three problems with Martha Robertson’s first television ad.

First, Robertson included dated photos of Reed, clearly aiming to exploit a struggle millions of Americans face each day.

Second, Robertson got her facts wrong by claiming Reed was a millionaire that voted to raise the retirement age. [here] [here]

Third, Robertson used recycled foreign video to piece together the ad.

“Martha Robertson’s first ad is offensive, factually inaccurate and out of touch,” said Katherine Pudwill. “It’s unfortunate that Robertson would use a weight condition in this way and exploit a personal health battle that many people can relate to. We’ve known all along that Martha Robertson’s Washington campaign had Nancy Pelosi’s stamp of approval, you’d think her ad would at least feature the United States. This type of consistent deception won’t sit well with the families of the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes.”

Stock Video In order of appearance:

  1. Business Stairwell Shot (shot in the United Kingdom) [here]
  2. Washington Monument [here]
  3. Handshake (shot in Canada) [here]
  4. Woman with Headache [here]
  5. Couple Upset [here]
  6. Couple on Vacation [here