Release: Robertson Fact Check

n an attempt to clear up any misguided messages from Martha Robertson’s first ad, I would like to highlight a summary of Robertson lies and mishaps to date:

Robertson’s Lies: The Abridged Version

1. Robertson claims Reed voted to raise the retirement age

False: Reed did vote for the 2012 Cooper-LaTourette budget, which was “based” on Simpson Bowles, but it had no language about raising retirement age [here]

2. Robertson claims “Congress has failed to produce a single jobs bill” [here]

False: House Republicans have passed 40 jobs bills that are currently stuck in the Democrat controlled Senate [here]

3. Robertson claims “GOP ops” hacked her website [here]

False: Robertson has failed to produce any concrete evidence calling into question a potential wire fraud investigation

4. Robertson tells Roll Call she will hire firm to analyze alleged hacking [here]

False: No such firm has been hired []

5. Robertson blames the VA scandal on “decades of underfunding” [here]

False: The VA budget has increased 256% over the last decade, rising from $52.4 billion in FY2002 to $134.1 billion in FY2013

6. Robertson claims Tom Reed is a millionaire [here]

False: Tom Reed is not a millionaire

7. Robertson blames the failure of on Republicans refusing to fund the website [here]

False: Conservative cost estimates of the website come in around $150 million, with GAO citing costs at $350 million

And Counting…


“Martha Robertson’s campaign may have Nancy Pelosi’s stamp of approval, but this type of consistent deception won’t sit well with the families of the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes,” said Katherine Pudwill. “Tom Reed cares about the families in the 23rd district, and they have come to rely on his accessibility and commitment to the issues that matter most. Not to mention, the accuracy of his information.”