Release: Robertson Under Fire from AARP

Robertson Uses AARP Logo Without Permission

Martha Robertson and her campaign are under fire from AARP for the unauthorized use of their logo in Robertson’s recent attack ad.
Robertson’s ad claims that “Facts Have to Matter” in campaign ads while citing multiple claims that have already been debunked by independent outlets. That aside, the real kicker in this “facts have to matter” story is that the AARP logo was used without permission, prompting a response from AARP State Director, Beth Finkel.
“AARP did not authorize the use of its name or logo in currently-running Martha Robertson campaign ads.” – Beth Finkel
“Over and over we have seen Robertson use claims that are false, misleading and like in today’s case, just sloppy,” said Katherine Pudwill. “In an ad claiming to tell the truth she is once again misleading voters. Can we really trust anything she has to say?”