Time to Unite

Last week the House of Representatives passed a spending bill that will fund most of our federal government for the current fiscal year. The legislation is not perfect and I did not support every provision. I voted for it because, as part of our long term strategy to get our federal government under control, there are many victories in this proposal and on balance it is good for taxpayers.

It includes no funding for the executive order on immigration that I will continue to strongly oppose.

It eliminates funding for the Common Core education standards, significantly curtailing their implementation.

It provides no new funding for the Affordable Care Act and eliminated funding for the ‘risk corridor’ subsidy that the law relies on to reimburse insurance companies and further cuts funding to the Independent Payment Advisory Board.

It reduces the deficit to its lowest level since I took office by reigning in federal spending.

It prohibits funding for the UN Small Arms treaty, protecting our Second Amendment rights.

It rolls back overreach in the EPA by reducing their bureaucracies funding and staff to its lowest level in five years and prevents the implementation of burdensome new navigable water standards that would allow the EPA to regulate drainage ditches and farm ponds as navigable waters at significant cost totaxpayers and land owners.

It reduces funding for the IRS, reduces their ability to implement the Affordable Care Act and sends a message that targeting of political groups by any branch of our federal government will not be tolerated.

In the coming year I will continue working to reduce our deficit, repeal the Affordable Care Act and roll back executive overreach. We have a federal government that must be brought under control and this is one step in the right direction. It solidified real progress and will lay the framework for us to make new gains in the coming year.

This is the time for us to unite, not divide, because we are on the right path.

As always, please feel free to share your opinion on these important issues. I truly appreciate your support.