Reed Campaign Calls on John Plumb to Disavow Pelosi Tactics

Reed Campaign Calls on DC John Plumb to Disavow Pelosi Tactics:
Puts politics ahead of our 2nd Amendment rights


Amy Hasenberg
Communications Director

[email protected]


Reed campaign is calling on John Plumb to disavow Nancy Pelosi and her team’s extreme anti-gun action. “DC John Plumb has joined Liberal extremists using people’s pain and suffering for political gain,” stated Amy Hasenberg, Tom Reed for Congress spokeswoman. “Our right to bear arms is far too important to have someone like DC John step in and take it away. Just like Nancy Pelosi, he wants to diminish our ability to protect ourselves, take away our rights, and eliminate our right to due process.”

Congressional Democrats engaged in a politically driven stunt last week to try to take away our Second Amendment rights. DC John Plumb quickly jumped on this bandwagon and joined his Washington DC friends. Many of these Congressional Democrats used this stunt as fundraising opportunity. They are now facing an ethics complaint for fundraising from the House floor.

“DC John clearly doesn’t care about what is important in our communities,” stated Hasenberg. “He prefers to make political gains with extreme Liberals in the Washington establishment rather than fight for what New York’s 23rd district wants and needs.”

Meanwhile, Tom Reed stands firm supporting our 2nd Amendment rights. “We must always protect our right to bear arms. Tom cares deeply about preserving our Constitutionally guaranteed rights. It isn’t just and it isn’t fair to take these rights away from law abiding American citizens,” Hasenberg said.