Reed Sets Partisanship Aside


Calls on nation to work together to rebuild the American Dream


Amy Hasenberg
Communications Director
[email protected]

Reed calls on our nation to work together beyond partisanship.  “I believe our nation has a tremendous amount of ability and potential. But, we need to work together in the spirit of bipartisanship to help our families and keep the American Dream alive,” said Tom Reed.

“I care more about our families than about parties. As a leader in the bipartisan No Labels organization, I am confident we can help our nation create fair solutions,” said Tom Reed. “There is no better time to talk about working together than Independence Day. There is no better time to talk about preserving the American Dream for generations.”

A few of Tom’s major bipartisan victories include passing and having signed into law  the Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovations Act – which is bringing jobs to New York , securing funding for New York in the Highway Bill, funding for our military, and advancing many other projects for our communities.

“I am working with No Labels to solve our nation’s debt crisis, create thousands of jobs, create energy independence, and preserve Social Security and Medicare for generations,” said Reed. “These are goals we can all agree on. These are all things we care about.  These will help keep the American Dream alive.”