Reed Campaign Blasts DNC’s Voter Deception

DNC Executives Collaborate to Rig Primary

Corning- Today, the Reed campaign blasted the Democratic National Committee for their disgraceful undermining of democracy.  “Once again we are seeing the true colors of the DNC and their outrageous actions to deceive American voters,” said Amy Hasenberg, Tom Reed for Congress Spokeswoman.  “Clinton, Kaine, and DC John Plumb have proven time and time again that their actions are self-interested, unfair, and harmful to our families.”

Early this week, another email scandal surfaced around the Clinton campaign. This time exposing top leaders at the DNC for undemocratically, guaranteeing Clinton the party’s nomination. John Plumb was certainly on the same page as he was an early endorser of Clinton regardless of the fact she lost every county in this district. Ringleader Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Chair of the DNC, has resigned as a result.

“It’s no surprise that the DNC and DC establishment have taken these distasteful steps to rig a system aimed at empowering voters.  Democracy is about the people’s vote, and we are seeing how desperate Washington insiders, like John Plumb, are to hold onto the current status quo,” Hasenberg continued.

Immediately after her resignation, Wasserman-Shultz was added to the Clinton campaign as a Co-Chair of her campaign committee.  “Clinton’s promotion of Wasserman-Shultz to her campaign is the typical ‘Washington Way’ of DC insiders like Clinton and DC John Plumb. These DC insider are looking out for each other instead of taking care of the American people,” said Hasenberg.