The Washington Way is Hurting Our Families

‘The Washington Way’ Is Hurting our Families:
Clinton taps another flip-flopping insider

Amy Hasenberg
Communications Director
[email protected]

“Tim Kaine, former Democratic National Committee Chairman, is another establishment insider, like DC John Plumb, fighting to continue Obama’s disastrous policies,” said Amy Hasenberg, Tom Reed for Congress Spokeswoman. “Kaine rubber-stamped Obama’s failed policies and forced them on the American people.”

“In the typical ‘Washington Way’, Kaine and Clinton have flip flopped on key issues to better align with the DC establishment whether it’s supporting TPP or trying to crush our Second Amendment rights. This is something we are certain to see again with DC John Plumb,” continued Hasenberg.

TPP is a disastrous deal for our families, but Kaine was in favor of it last week and Clinton called it the ‘gold standards of trade deals.’ Both quickly flipped to opposing TPP as soon as they were running for our nation’s highest offices. Clinton and Kaine are also trying to take away our gun rights.

“Clinton, Kaine, and Plumb are typical DC insiders putting their needs above the people’s.  They support deals that hurt our families and they want to take away our rights. We must take care of our families, but Clinton, Kaine, and Plumb are clearly not the answer,” stated Hasenberg.