Reed: A Promise Made is a Promise Kept

Fighting for Social Security for future generations 

by Tom Reed

I know firsthand the importance of Social Security because I was raised on it. My father died when I was very young which left my mother to raise my siblings and me herself. She relied on Social Security and my father’s military death benefits to take care of us. Now, as a member of Congress I am fighting to make sure Social Security is around for generations to come.
Our families grew up contributing to Social Security. We grew up counting on Social Security to be around for if and when we need it. It’s only fair that we stand up and fight to protect it for our generations and for kids and grandkids. A promise made is a promise kept.
Protecting Social Security should not be a political issue. It is something we can do by working together.
I was a cosponsor of No Label’s Strategic Agenda Resolution which strives to achieve four main goals for our nation on a bipartisan basis. One of those goals is to secure Social Security and Medicare for the next 75 years. I am dedicated to achieving this goal.
I will fight to protect Social Security because I know from personal experience how important it is. We regularly hear from New Yorkers telling us how important Social Security is to their families and we work tirelessly to address any concerns or problems with it. We are fighting for you and your family.