Regardless of the Outcome of the Election

Amy Hasenberg
Communications Director
[email protected]

Corning, NY- The Reed campaign calls out DC John Plumb after refusing to commit to living in New York State.  “DC John Plumb just moved to New York last year to further his political career,  yet he refuses to commit to living in New York after November 8th,” said Amy Hasenberg, Tom Reed for Congress Spokeswoman.  “Why is Plumb refusing to commit to living in New York? Clearly, DC John Plumb does not care about our communities. This is just another example of John Plumb choosing Washington over New York.”

In an interview with TWC’s State of Politics, DC John Plumb was directly asked if he would stay in New York State. He hesitated, and when he did answer, he still could not commit. Plumb currently resides in a home he designated as his “secondary residence”  which he moved to after Nancy Pelosi handpicked him to run for Congress. Prior to running for Congress, Plumb lived in Washington, DC working as a civilian for political causes.

“Tom grew up here in Corning and he lives in the same house his mother raised him in after his father died. Tom is fighting for New York because our families are his top priority,” continued Hasenberg.  “Plumb is only willing to live here for political gain and when that is gone, so is he.  That is not fair to our families.”