Takes ride-along with Elmira Police in a Tom on the Job to learn more about poverty and opiods


Amy Hasenberg
Communications Director
[email protected]

Corning, NY- Tom Reed is always fighting to protect our community, but today he is on the front-line standing alongside our police officers.  “Our police officers and local government are the ones who see the struggles of our communities first hand. They also put their lives on the line for us every day–I am beyond thankful for their service,” stated Tom Reed. “I am fighting to make sure local law enforcement receives the tools they need to do their jobs. That’s what is fair to our officers, their families, and our communities. I am proud I was able to spend a few hours walking in the footsteps of a law enforcement officer.”

Tom joined the Elmira Police Department in his most recent ‘Tom on the Job.’  Tom spoke with Mayor Dan Mandell, Police Chief Joseph Kane, and local law enforcement to talk about their daily routines and how they have been affected by the recent opioid epidemic. Following the discussion Tom went on a ride-along with a few local officers.

“Tom is an ally for local and state government,” stated Elmira Mayor Dan Mandell.  “With poverty and opioids harming our communities, his help is needed more than ever and he has not let us down. He has proven he truly cares about our communities and our families.”

“We are on the front lines every day facing individuals in poverty and plagued by opioid addiction,” said Police Chief Joseph Kane.  “Tom Reed is here to see what we see. We already know he is our ally because he is fighting to give us the tools we need to address these issues. But coming here today shows another level of dedication to our families and communities.”


Tom Reed takes a ride along with the Elmira Police department to see what our officers see every day.



Tom talks with Elmira Police officers about the effects of the opioid epidemic while on a ride along.