Reed Builds Safety Equipment

Continues fighting for jobs and our future in Tom on the Job Stop

Amy Hasenberg
Communications Director
[email protected]

Oaks Corners–Tom Reed rolls up his sleeves to help build construction safety equipment at Elderlee Inc. in his latest stop on his ‘Working and Listening Tour.’ “Being here at Elderlee, gives us new perspective on how to create jobs in our communities,” said Tom Reed. “I care deeply about businesses like Elderlee because they are employing our families and they are helping build infrastructure to keep our nation safe.”

Tom toured Elderlee’s facilities while lending a hand and talking with workers. “Tom believes the best way to create jobs is to understand what businesses see every day,” said Amy Hasenberg

While touring Elderlee’s facilities Tom spoke with President David DeJohn. “The employees of Elderlee, Inc. want to thank Congressman Reed for his commitment in getting the Fast Act approved (Federal Highway Funding Bill) which provides additional resources for our infrastructure,” said Dejohn.  “Investment in Infrastructure has the greatest possible impact on our nation’s economy and transportation network.  The Federal Highway Funding Bill is critical to the US economy and employment at Elderlee, Inc. and our sister company L.S. Lee, Inc.”

“We also applaud Congressman Reed’s vision to seek progress towards ensuring the long-run solvency of the Highway Trust Fund when he returns to Washington after the election,” continued DeJohn.

Nathan Smith, vice president of government relations for the American Traffic Safety Services Association, also attended the tour. Smith said, “Nationwide, our members applaud Rep. Tom Reed for his commitment and leadership, not only to infrastructure investments and improvements, but to roadway safety for all road users and our association’s mission of moving toward zero roadway fatalities in America. ATSSA looks forward to continuing our work with Rep. Reed to help reduce serious injuries and save lives on U.S. roadways.”

 Tom Reed
Tom Reed is on the job helping make a highway sign while at Elderlee.
Tom Reed
Tom Reed stops at Elderlee on his most recent Tom on the Job Stop to talk about the importance of manufacturing.