Reed Hears Student Debt Frustration

Creates package to lower college costs  

Amy Hasenberg
Communications Director
[email protected]

Corning, NY–Reed is talking with students about college costs, while creating a package to address their growing financial burden. “Our students are feeling the pain of college costs every day. That’s why I’ve been out talking with students who are in college about this burden to hear how they think we can address this problem,” said Tom Reed. “This isn’t fair to our kids. I am working to address this debt crisis immediately while also creating policies which address this crisis long term.”

Reed is working on policies to make colleges lower costs by making them more accountable, accessible and transparent. The policies help with refinancing student debt, encouraging dual enrollment programs, and expanding Perkins Loans, Pell Grants. He is also working to make our colleges accountable through endowment reform,  administrator salary transparency, and requiring a cost containment strategy.

Reed’s proposal includes:

  • Student Debt Interest Rate Refinancing

  • Encouraging Dual Enrollment Programs

  • Expanding Perkins Loan Reauthorization

  • Expanding Pell Grants

  • IRS reform for colleges

  • Student loan repayment and forgiveness

  • Forcing colleges to adopt cost containment policy

  • Expanding Quality Online Learning

  • Success based measurements for federal support

“I am fighting for our students because I know what it is like to come out of college with $110,000 in debt. I care about their future and I don’t want this burden to come down on our students,” stated Tom Reed.

Tom visited several campuses to talk with students about college costs. Tyler Fuller, junior at Hobart and William Smith, said, “Students on campus talked about how important it is to have their representative investing in an issue that is so personal to them.”

Rachel Pelsang, a student at St. Bonaventure said, “Students need to support Tom Reed because he is fighting for fair policies that will help us succeed. Tom is here listening to us because he genuinely wants to know what we are concerned about.”