Reed: Go Vote

Amy Hasenberg
Communications Director
[email protected]

Corning, NY–Tom Reed is calling on voters to make their voices heard. “Our right to vote is one of the most important rights we have as Americans,” said Tom Reed.  “I am asking all New Yorkers to make their voice heard tomorrowNovember 8th.”

“I care deeply about our communities, which is why I’ve chosen to live here with my family in the same house my grandfather built and it’s why I’ve made sure to vote here,” continued Reed.  “I have fought for this place we call home by ensuring we get our fair share.  We’ve made sure jobs are coming home, our law enforcement have the resources they need, our infrastructure can be repaired, our rights are protected, and our kids have the tools to succeed.  But, the job isn’t done and that is why I humbly ask for your support to continue putting New York first.”