Tom Reed Among Top One Percent in Congress for Town Hall Meetings

“I care about listening to New Yorkers. To be recognized as one of the most accessible members of Congress is exciting” said Tom Reed. “Engaging in a conversation with constituents about the issues facing our district is important. Whether we’re talking about national issues like the repeal of the Affordable Care Act or discussing local ones like the HUD ruling that resulted in seniors from Salamanca facing eviction, these meetings are important and give me the chance to talk with people from across the district” said Tom Reed.

According to reporting by The Hill, since January 2015 Tom Reed is among the top-ten in Congress holding sixty-eight Town Hall meetings. In subsequent research, since 2013 when non-partisan Legistorm began tracking Congressional Town Hall meetings, Tom Reed ranks third among current members of the House of Representatives and in the top one percent of Congress.

“Despite efforts by opponents to disrupt Town Halls by shouting us down and heckling Tom, he’ll remain accessible,” said Nicholas Weinstein, Political Director for Tom Reed for Congress. “It is part of the job, and we’re not going to let a few organized liberal activists distract us from the important work ahead of us here in the Southern Tier, Finger Lakes and Western New York.”