ICYMI in January

January was an incredible month with the results of tax reform already making a positive impact.

We saw over 100 companies across the country – Starbucks, UPS, Exxon and many more –  announce bonuses and increased wages and benefits for their employees, as well as plans to expand hiring efforts. Starting next month, 90% of American workers will see bigger paychecks and more take-home pay. This is what tax reform is all about – making sure you keep more of your hard-earned paycheck.

Tax Reform is Working

WENY NEWS: Reed Visits With Manufacturers At Vulcraft, Touts New Tax Bill

We are proud of our leadership position on the Problem Solvers Caucus, a bipartisan group of dozens of members of Congress who are committed to finding common ground on some of the toughest issues facing our communities. The Caucus came together following the government shutdown to create a DACA proposal that we believe can end the immigration stand-off in Washington and help solve this important issue.

The Salamanca Press: Reed sees short-term deal to avoid government shutdown

CNN: Bipartisan House group unveils new DACA proposal

We were also excited to host our first Town Hall meeting of 2018 this month. Your voice is the one I represent in Congress, and I always look forward to the opportunity to listen to your feedback and concerns.

Daily Messenger: Reed meets the public at town hall meeting in Middlesex

Together, may we look forward to a 2018 of higher paychecks, more jobs, competitive businesses, and a brighter future for our families. Thank you for partnering with me.

Congressman Tom Reed