Standing with us

Tax reform continues to be transformational for hardworking Americans across the country and here at home, with hundreds of companies continuing to announce bonuses, increased wages and benefits, and new investments.

I had the unique opportunity to witness this firsthand when the Jamestown Starbucks invited me to go “behind the bar” and afterward discuss local issues with employees and residents. Starbucks was one of the first companies to announce raises and employee bonuses as a result of the new tax bill, so it was great to see firsthand how tax reform is already making a positive impact in our communities.

“Behind the bar” at Starbucks

Unfortunately, Governor Cuomo is so focused on his own liberal agenda that he has failed to recognize that the majority of New Yorkers are already benefiting from the tax bill. His hypocrisy is on full display with the announcement that he will raise taxes for hardworking New Yorkers. I call on our Governor to reign in reckless spending in New York state.

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I ran for Congress to help fix the national debt crisis, not add to it. I stand firm in my efforts to get government spending under control for the future of our kids and grandkids, which is why I did not support the President’s budget proposal. If we are going to tackle the debt crisis, we need to get our spending under control.

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As we continue to pray for the victims and families of the shooting in Parkland, Florida, I will stand with the President in his efforts to address the underlying mental health issues that lead to tragic events like these. Instead of simply trying to advance an extreme political agenda, we must come together to find meaningful solutions.

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We are incredibly grateful for your generous support of our campaign, whether through financial contributions or volunteering to get involved, as we continue to stand up to extreme Ithaca liberals.


Thank you for standing with us!