Reed Calls Out Opponent’s Extreme Healthcare Plan

Mitrano’s Plan Would Threaten Seniors
Tom Reed criticized his opponent for her support of a socialized, government-run healthcare system that would bankrupt Medicare for our seniors.

“We care about ensuring that Medicare is available for our seniors who are counting on receiving the benefits they have paid for,” said Tom. “That’s why we are reaching across the aisle to solve this problem so Medicare is available for generations to come.”

“We will call out extremism when we see it,” Tom added. “Policies that bankrupt Medicare by expanding it into a socialized, single-payer system are extreme. It is unfair to our seniors who depend on that program for their care.”

Tracy Mitrano has been outspoken in her support of a single-payer system, acknowledging at a Meet the Candidates event in Allegany County on May 10 that implementing single-payer would cause “our taxes to go up somewhere in the range of 20 to 25 percent.”

“Tracy Mitrano will say and do anything to get elected,” said Abbey Daugherty, communications director for Tom Reed for Congress. “But she can’t hide her extreme liberal positions from voters. Tracy’s extreme agenda would bankrupt Medicare, threatening our seniors and literally cost taxpayers trillions.”