Tracy Mitrano: Manufacturing Jobs Not Worth Saving

Democratic candidate for Congress Tracy Mitrano believes that manufacturing jobs in the 23rd District are not worth saving.

At the 2018 Democratic Rural Conference, Mitrano was asked a yes or no question: “Would you pledge to fight outsourcing in the 23rd District?”

As seen in this video from the conference, Mitrano was the only Democratic primary candidate to say she would not oppose outsourcing.

Mitrano also argued, at the same meeting, that she considered the jobs at Dresser-Rand in Wellsville “19th century jobs that were [sic] okay to see go.”

But according to statements made by Mitrano at a town hall meeting in Ithaca on September 29, she did not even know what Dresser-Rand produced. “It makes — what are those things, things in engines, car parts,” said Mitrano. Dresser-Rand produces compressors, steam turbines and valves that service the US Navy, with its products powering aircraft carriers and submarines.

“The Southern Tier and Finger Lakes have a rich heritage in manufacturing that Tom has fought to protect,” said Abbey Daugherty, communications director for Tom Reed’s campaign. “Our workforce is second to none. They deserve better than this. If we can’t even trust Tracy to protect our jobs, then we can’t trust Tracy to represent us in Congress.”