Tom Reed visited Glenview Dairy Farm and Hoffman Dairy & Sunset View Creamery in Odessa this week to talk about the issues facing dairy farmers in New York.

“We always appreciate the opportunity to listen to our farmers,” said Tom. “They play a critical role in our economy. We value the input we received and look forward to bringing their concerns and ideas back to Washington.”

Tom has been an unrelenting advocate for leveling the scales of trade for the dairy industry.

“As a dairy farmer I get busy farming and don’t take the time to get involved in politics,” said Jim Bergen, owner of Glenview Dairy. “I expected Tom to come with media and have a “photo shoot” at the farm. What I got was Tom and two aids coming to the farm to listen to our concerns. I was impressed that they spent over an hour touring our milking facility and listening to the concerns and issues facing dairy farmers, and the rural community.”

“Our family was pleased to welcome Tom Reed to our farm,” said Ron and Carmella Hoffman, owners of Hoffman Dairy & Sunset View Creamery. “We hope that we provided valuable input and we greatly appreciate Tom’s work to support the dairy industry in New York. It was clear from his visit that he truly cares about our needs.”

Others from the dairy farm community also offered their support for Tom.

“Protecting our family farms is not a partisan issue,” said Gina Blakemore, owner of Sleeper’s Ridge Holstein. “Tom has always been accessible to us and receptive to our feedback. He is one of the few elected officials who takes the time to understand the issues we care about.”

“Tom is a true friend to all farmers,” said Mark Watts, owner of Watts Dairy Farm in Pine City. “He always takes our feedback and input to Washington and has worked hard to get us a better trade deal. We need Tom to continue to represent us in Congress.”

“Tom Reed has worked diligently to improve the relations between Mexico and Canada so that our products, including dairy products, can flow more freely across borders,” said Asher Terwilliger. “We are fortunate to have Tom working for us in Washington.”

“We care about our struggling dairy farmers and believe actions speak louder than words,” said Abbey Daugherty, communications director for Tom Reed’s campaign. “This month we forced Canada to remove its trade barriers on dairy and are already seeing a rise in milk prices. Tracy Mitrano, like Governor Cuomo, supports extreme policies like higher taxes on our family businesses and job-killing regulations – giving voters no reason to trust Tracy in Congress. This election is a clear choice.”