Tom Reed Visits 23 Local Police Stations, Thanks Law Enforcement

Tom Reed Visits 23 Local Police Stations, Thanks Law Enforcement
Tom Reed is visiting 23 local police stations, corrections facilities and Sherriff’s offices today to thank members of our law enforcement community.

“Brave law enforcement officers dedicate their careers and risk their lives each day in our communities to keep us safe,” said Tom. “We will always stand with these brave men and women and we’re honored to have the opportunity to thank them for their service.”

Tom will present an American flag and certificate of appreciation at each stop.

“Tracy Mitrano refused to acknowledge a blatant attack on our law enforcement community from a paid spokesperson on her campaign,” said Abbey Daugherty, communications director for Tom Reed’s campaign. “Tom is proud to stand with the brave men and women who put their lives on the line for us every day.”

Tracy Mitrano’s extreme agenda was exposed over the weekend by a spokesperson and paid member of her campaign team on Instagram.

The post which is too vulgar to share uncensored but can be seen here degrades the police, capitalism, Tom Reed and President Trump.

Among his twenty three stops today, Tom Reed will be traveling to thank corrections officers at Elmira Correctional Facility and Five Points Correctional Facility but Governor Cuomo’s Albany leadership refused to allow Tom to officially recognize our brave corrections officers.

“It’s disappointing that Governor Cuomo is willing to put politics ahead of recognizing our brave corrections officers who risk their lives every day outside the public view to keep us safe from the worst of society,” Daugherty added.