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New Yorkers will be shocked to know Tracy Mitrano is transferring funds from her campaign account directly to herself. According to the Federal Election Commission records, Tracy Mitrano has paid herself $16,750 in “rent” payments since January 2019

Federal Election Commission regulations prohibit campaigns from paying the mortgage, rent, or utilities for the personal residence of the candidate or the candidate’s family even if part of the residence is being used by the campaign. 

You have to wonder if people know that when they contribute their hard earned money to Tracy’s campaign that they’re actually padding Tracy’s own pockets in violation of federal law. With spending decisions like these– the candidate profiting off of the campaign– it’s no wonder Tracy’s campaign is floundering,” said Matt Coker, spokesperson for the Reed campaign. 

Among all recipients of Mitrano campaign expenditures, Tracy Mitrano has personally received the third most, nearly as much as the campaign has spent on ads and MORE than the salary of any of her current campaign staff. What’s more, Federal Election Commission regulations prohibit candidates from paying themselves from political donations before April 2, 2020. A whopping $14,250 of the funds she paid herself was paid before this date, which would trigger an additional FEC violation. 

Tracy’s campaign reeks of self-interest and disregard for the law. Tracy’s supporters can’t trust her with their donations and voters can’t trust Tracy in congress,” continued Coker.

Reed defeated Mitrano in a decisive victory in 2018 when voters decided they couldn’t trust her after she expressed support for open heroin injection sites and disrespect for law enforcement. Mitrano’s recent support for Gov. Cuomo’s dangerous bail reform law signals to voters that they can’t trust her to keep them safe.