Tax Reform Works

Last month, President Trump signed into law the most comprehensive and transformational tax reforms in a generation. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was seven years in the making and I am pleased with the final result because I know that these reforms will be beneficial for our district. Our hardworking neighbors deserve the tax relief that will result from … Read More

2017 Year in Review

From being appointed to President Trump’s transition team to passing historic tax reform, 2017 has been a busy and productive year. We listened at Town Hall meetings across our district and brought your voices to the halls of Congress. I am thankful to serve as your Representative in Congress, and look forward to fighting for you in 2018 and beyond. … Read More

Reed to Cuomo: Stop Playing Politics with Tragedy

Tom Reed calls on Governor Andrew Cuomo to stop politicizing the tragedy in Las Vegas. “It is disappointing that Andrew Cuomo would politicize the tragedy in Las Vegas to promote himself and blame Republicans,” said Tom Reed. “After this horrific event it’s time to come together as Americans to support one another. As authorities work to determine a motive for … Read More