Amo Houghton, Former US Congressman:“I have watched as Tom has grown serving upstate New York effectively in Congress on the Committee on Ways and Means. He has become a champion for bipartisan government and I appreciate the support he has received from Republicans and Democrats alike. Most importantly, he cares.”

State Senator Cathy Young: “Tom understands how important it is to reach across the aisle to fight for our communities in Western New York. He has been a true teammate, partnering with our office at every turn to address issues at the federal level. Tom works hard for us and I offer my full support.”

Mike Printup, President/CEO, Watkins Glen International: “The biggest priority for our country and the state of New York is jobs. Tom Reed is always available to listen to people and is a true champion for business and job growth. I'm proud to offer my support for Tom."

Charlie Joyce, President, Otis Eastern + NY GOP National Committeeman: “I support Tom Reed because he supports American manufacturing so that we can put people to work in Upstate New York.”

Gary Baxter, City of Geneva: "I personally know about an instance where Tom has heard about an issue with a veterans' widow having trouble with the VA and he and his team made it right. Tom cares about us and he always will.”

Joe DeGeorge, local business owner: "We need the insanity of the left to stop. We need to send a level-headed Tom back to DC”

Gene Pierce, President/CEO, Glenora Wine Cellars: Tom Reed is the most approachable and hardest working Member of Congress. He takes the time to understand the needs of his constituents by asking informed questions and I appreciate his commitment to putting forward policies that support wineries in our region. I proudly support Tom for re-election!

John Prendergast, Town of Benton Supervisor + Chairman Yates County Republicans: “The hardest working Congressman in Washington. The most accessible Congressman the Finger lakes and Southern tier has ever seen. 250 Town Hall meetings what a record!  The most cordial and approachable Elected official you will come across. Coupling this with Tom’s integrity, work ethic and vision you have Tom Reed, the man, our leader!!”

Bill and Sue Button, Yates County: "We are proud to stand with Tom Reed because he cares about our community and is fighting for our values. We proudly encourage our neighbors to vote for Tom Reed on Tuesday."

State Senator Tom O’Mara: “I proudly and enthusiastically endorse Tom Reed for re-election. Tom works hard for us and is always there to answer our call when we need him. He understands how important it is to work across the aisle to solve our problems. We need Tom to continue fighting for us in Washington.”

State Assemblyman Phil Palmesano: “Tom Reed is one of the most accessible representatives in the U.S. Congress. He is a dedicated, responsive and tireless advocate. Tom is committed to working to help improve the quality of life of the residents of the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes Region and I fully support Tom and his re-election to continue his work on our behalf in Congress.”

Chemung County Sheriff Chris Moss: “Collaboration and cooperation are critical for the future of our families. Tom Reed leads the way in Congress by bringing people together to solve problems for people back home. I appreciate his commitment to putting forward common-sense solutions that lower the tax burden for families and businesses of all sizes. I’m proud to support Tom.”

Sue Ann Fisher, Waterloo: "Tom is co-chair of the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus in Washington. The representatives on this Caucus work across the aisle together to come up with solutions to the things that divide us. This is the type of representation we need in D.C. and I will be supporting Tom Reed in this election."

New York State Assemblyman Andy Goodell: “In an era of partisan bickering, Tom Reed is a refreshing breath of fresh air, serving as the co-chair of the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus. Tom is very accessible to all the residents of Chautauqua County, and routinely holds Town Hall meetings throughout the County.  Tom has also been focused on helping Chautauqua County with its most pressing issues, including the opioid crisis, employment and training issues, helping with critical infrastructure needs, repowering NRG, dredging our Lake Erie harbors, and other issues. It is my honor and pleasure to endorse Tom Reed for re-election.”

Mike Healy, Chair of the Allegany County Republican Committee: “As a retired career law enforcement officer, US Army veteran and father, I am proud to endorse Tom Reed for Congress. He has demonstrated fairness and common-sense leadership, represents all of us with honor and dignity, and is truly deserving of re-election.”

John Buckley, Mayor of Hornell: "I've known Tom for many years and greatly admire his commitment to being accessible to the needs of his constituents. From providing funding for our school and fire department to fighting to preserve inpatient beds at Saint James Mercy Hospital, Tom has been a strong advocate for the people of Hornell in Washington. I'm proud to endorse Tom Reed for re-election."

Robert Keis, Chair of the Cattaraugus County Republican Committee: “Tom Reed has done an incredible job as our Congressman. He has always worked hard to ensure that our voices are heard in Washington and I am grateful for his commitment to cutting taxes for hardworking families right here in Cattaraugus County and across America. I will proudly support Tom on Election Day.”

David Wilfong, Chair of the Chautauqua County Republican Committee: “Tom Reed has always been supportive of our efforts in Chautauqua County. As we continue to find new opportunities to grow our local economy, Tom Reed is standing with us to ensure that we have the federal resources we need. It is an honor to support him for re-election.”

Gary Howard, Tioga County Sheriff: “Tom Reed is a leader in Congress by bringing people together to solve some of our community’s most divisive issues. Tom is a longtime friend of the law enforcement community and I appreciate his commitment to putting forward common sense proposals to combat the opioid epidemic in our neighborhoods, like his opposition to dangerous heroin injection sites. I’m proud to support Tom.”

Rodney Strange, Chair of the Chemung County Republican Committee: “Tom Reed has always represented us with honor and dignity. I am grateful that Tom consistently supports legislation that is beneficial to the hardworking people of Chemung County, such as a recent bill that would eliminate the local share of Medicaid that counties are mandated to pay the state. I proudly endorse Tom Reed for Congress.”

 Pam Helming, State Senator: “When our region was hit by devastating flooding, Tom Reed stepped up. He got FEMA moving and cut through the red tape. I appreciate his leadership on behalf of our community Let’s keep Tom fighting for us!”

Trisha Turner, Chair of the Ontario County Republican Committee: “I am proud to endorse Tom Reed to continue representing our district in Congress. He is active in our district, holding town halls and listening to constituents about the issues that impact their lives. Tom is a fierce advocate for the future of our district and stands for our rights, such as the Second Amendment. Additionally, he supports measures that will improve school safety and the development of a comprehensive plan to address the increasing concerns impacting our youth. We are fortunate to have Tom Reed standing with us.”

Lester Cady, Chair of the Schuyler County Republican Committee: "As a career law enforcement officer, I am proud to endorse Tom Reed for Congress. He has always been a fair and caring leader, and represents us with honor. Tom Reed is deserving of re-election and I proudly offer my full support."

Tom Fox, Chair of the Seneca County Republican Committee: "I am proud to endorse Tom Reed for Congress,” said “He has always stood on the right side of the issues that matter to us here in Seneca County and we know that he will continue standing with us. Our voice is important to Tom and I offer my full support.”

Joe Sempolinski, Chair of the Steuben County Republican Committee: “I have had the unique opportunity to work closely with Tom Reed during his entire time in Congress. He has fought for the hardworking families throughout Steuben County and is deserving of our full support. I am proud to endorse him for re-election this year.”

Don Castellucci, Chair of the Tioga County Republican Committee: “During his time in office, Tom Reed has worked tirelessly for the residents of Tioga County. He has consistently voted to provide us with affordable, quality healthcare and lower taxes, and continues to support legislation and deregulation that help to create jobs as well as standing up for our Second Amendment rights. I look forward to supporting him on Election Day.”

Mike Sigler, Chair of the Tompkins County Republican Committee: “Tom Reed is the hardest working member of Congress. He understands the issues facing our communities as well as what he believes will solve certain problems and is always open to different paths to a solution. Tom Reed will always answer your call. I am proud to endorse him for re-election again this year.”

Sandy King, Former Chair of the Yates County Republican Committee: “Tom Reed continues to be accessible and responsive to his constituents across the 23rd District and here in Yates County. I appreciate his support for President Trump and his continued involvement in moving the President’s agenda forward, specifically the passage of tax reform which is already allowing hardworking families to keep more of their paychecks. I look forward to supporting Tom on Election Day in November.”

Chautauqua County Executive George Borrello: “In my years as a county legislator, and now as county executive, Tom Reed has been a crucial partner in Chautauqua County.  He has delivered, time and time again, on important issues like addressing the needs of our waterways, getting action out of the railroads and ensuring we are a priority when it comes to federal funding. Tom has fought for us at every turn. Whether it’s addressing the needs of a veteran caught in Washington’s bureaucratic red tape or negotiating with the Army Corps of Engineers to ensure critical permitting and funding is delivered for our dredging projects, Tom continues to deliver for us.  He is a strong advocate for Chautauqua County and the rest of the 23rd district and I proudly support him.”

Candidate for Chautauqua County Sherriff Jim Quattrone: “Collaboration and unity have been cornerstones of my campaign. Tom Reed is a leader in bringing people together to solve some of our community’s most divisive issues and for that reason he deserves to be re-elected. Tom has been a longtime friend of the law enforcement community and I appreciate his commitment to putting forward realistic proposals to combat the drug epidemic in our neighborhoods, such as his opposition to dangerous heroin injection sites. I’m proud to support Tom.”

Debbie Sullivan, President of the Allegany County Women’s Republican Club: “Having known Representative Reed for several years, I know how much he loves our country, supports our President and the citizens of Allegany county. Now is our time to come out to support him on Election Day.”

Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb: "I am proud to endorse Tom Reed for re-election in New York's 23rd Congressional District. Tom has risen above divisiveness and dysfunction in Washington to achieve results for the people he represents. Since taking office, his singular focus has always been on meeting the needs of constituents. As co-chair of the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus, Tom demonstrates a unique ability to reach across the political aisle and work collaboratively to address some of our nation's most important issues. In an environment where overheated rhetoric and political turmoil are far too common, Tom is a rare example of a representative who is willing and able to lead and listen. In Congress and at every level of government, we need more public servants like Tom Reed."

Jamie Dreider, former Tompkins County Republican Chair: "Tom Reed represents us with dignity. He is an advocate for the future of our district and has always stood on the right side of the issues that matter to the people he represents. I'm proud to support Tom for re-election."

Marte Sauerbrey, Chair of Tioga County Legislature: “Tom Reed is an independent voice for his constituents because he takes the time to truly listen to their concerns. We need more elected officials like Tom, who are willing to put aside ideological differences and show up for the people they represent. It’s an honor to support Tom for re-election.”

Doc Padgett, Seneca County: “Tom has always been responsive our communities' needs and available to help anytime I have called. We need to support Tom for Congress.”

Paula Snyder, Cattaraugus County: "Tom Reed represents all of us in Congress with class and dignity. In today's political climate, we need more elected officials like Tom who are willing to truly listen to the concerns of the people they represent. Tom deserves our full support."

Phil Barnes, Former Schuyler County GOP chair and County Legislator: "Tom Reed consistently supports legislation that benefits the hardworking people of Schuyler County. He shows up in our communities and is always willing to have difficult, but necessary, conversations that too many of our elected officials avoid. Tom works hard for us and I'm proud to offer my full support."

Lee Davidson, Lodi Town Supervisor: "I appreciate his more than 250 Town Hall meetings and the way he treats everyone, regardless of the political beliefs with respect. That's why I will be voting for Tom Reed."

Vince Horrigan, Former Chautauqua County Executive: "During my time as County Executive Tom was relentless with his support for the issues affecting Chautauqua County. He was always there for us with solutions when we had economic challenges. I am proud to support Tom Reed because he is someone we could always count on for results."

Charlie Davis, Ashford Town Supervisor: Since I first became Ashford Town Supervisor, Tom Reed and his team have been extremely committed to providing critical support to the West Valley Demonstration Project. Tom was instrumental in finding the funds for the $75 million that was required in order to complete phase one. He went above and beyond for us to ensure that the health and safety of our community was his top priority. Because of Tom’s willingness to reach across the aisle, we secured additional funding, above what was originally requested. Tracy Mitrano, on the other hand, only reached out to my team after discussing it on a call with media reporters. It was clear to me and my colleagues that Tracy did not have an understanding of our needs or the status of the project. I have to say it again: Tom Reed went above and beyond for us. He and his team are always available to answer our call, graciously hosting us in Washington and at home. There are truly not enough words to express my gratitude to Tom for his commitment to helping us. We need Tom to continue representing us in Congress.

Andy Burr, Cattaraugus County Legislator "His advocacy for Brooks Hospital becoming a sole community provider hospital will improve our financial situation at Brooks and allow us to continue providing important services. He has been a tremendous help for our community and I proudly support Congressman Reed."

Asher Terwilliger: "Tom Reed has worked diligently to improve the relations between Mexico and Canada so that our products, including dairy products, can flow more freely across borders. We are fortunate to have Tom working for us in Washington."

Jim Allard, Steuben County Sheriff: Tom has been a valuable, unceasing ally in the fight against opioid abuse.  His support has been essential in having the voice of local law enforcement heard in Washington DC.

Brooks Baker: "Tom Reed has been a great partner in working to solve the opioid epidemic that is plaguing our communities and harming our young people. I appreciate his hard work, leadership and common sense."

Don Leonard, former Tioga County Republican Chair: “America has made a strong comeback in just the past few years. Our economy is stronger than ever, our renewed strength in foreign affairs has made us more safe, and Americans are once again looking forward to a brighter future. I want to keep this new optimism in America growing and I want to have my Congressman Tom Reed continue to provide the work and leadership that helps make it happen."

Bruno Schickel, owner of Schickel Construction: "Tom uses a common sense approach to solve practical problems. A perfect example is his support for the tax reform bill that is allowing American business to compete with other countries and that is critical. That's why I support Tom Reed."

Gene Mitchell, retired Police Chief Village of Penn Yan

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