Democratic candidate uses unproven hacking claim to raise funds

Posted by Jerry Zremski, Buffalo News on March 1, 2014 4:12pm Five months after Democratic congressional candidate Martha Robertson raised big bucks off an unproven claim that Republicans tried hacking her website, GOP operatives are accusing her of fraud. Tompkins County Republican Chairman James Drader last week filed a complaint with the state Board of Elections about Robertson’s Sept. 30 fundraising email, … Read More

Release: Reed Receives Tompkins County Republican Committee Endorsement

Corning -The Tompkins County Republican Party today announced its endorsement of Tom Reed in his bid for reelection in New York’s 23rd Congressional district. “We are very pleased to announce today that the Tompkins County Republican Committee officially endorses Tom Reed for Congress,” said Chairman James Strader. “We are confident that Tom Reed will continue fighting for jobs and much needed … Read More

Release: Reed Receives US Chamber of Commerce Endorsement

CORNING- Congressional Candidate Tom Reed today announced the endorsement of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the world’s largest business federation for organizations of every size. Supporting a pro-business mindset and working diligently to represent the interests of businesses small and large, the Chamber recognizes lawmakers that fight for sustained economic growth and help create … Read More

Reed signs anti-SAFE Act pledge

OVID — Rep. Tom Reed on Sunday became the first 2014 New York state candidate to sign an anti-SAFE Act pledge. The Shooters Committee on Political Action (SCOPE) prepared the pledge, which Reed signed after addressing the United Gun Owners of New York at the South Seneca Sportsmen’s Club. The pledge calls for the repeal of the SAFE Act, a … Read More

Release: Reed Becomes First 2014 New York Candidate to Sign Anti Safe Act Pledge

Corning – Tom Reed’s campaign today announced that Reed has become the first candidate in New York to sign the Shooters Committee on Political Education (SCOPE) anti-SAFE Act pledge to publically support the repeal of the New York SAFE Act and oppose any similar gun-ban legislation at the federal level. Reed pictured with SCOPE President Steve Aldstadt Reed joined the … Read More

Administration Signaling Flawed System

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 13, 2014 Contact: Katherine Pudwill (607) 684-6262 (o) Administration Signaling Flawed System Corning – Just three days after the Administration announced the second delay for the Obamacare business mandate, democrats across the country are running from their support of the law. Beginning with the disastrous rollout of the online marketplace, the wave of policy cancellations and … Read More

GOP Officials Question Robertson on SAFE Act

Local lawmakers are calling on congressional candidate Martha Robertson to state her position on the New York SAFE Act and 2nd Amendment rights. Of the 11 counties in the 23rd Congressional District, 10 of them have passed resolutions calling for the repeal of the SAFE Act. Tompkins County, where Robertson serves on the legislature and was Chair of the Legislature … Read More

SAFE Act foes target Robertson

Editor, OBSERVER This is an open letter to Martha Robertson: As residents, voters, and gun owners of the 23rd Congressional District, we feel strongly about the time-honored tradition of hunting, sportsmanship and the right to keep and bear arms. Each time we exercise our Second Amendment rights we do so under the protection of the United States Constitution. Our Constitution … Read More

Reed Calls for Greater Financial Responsibility

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 11, 2014 Contact: Katherine Pudwill (607) 684-6262 (o) Reed Calls for Greater Financial Responsibility Corning – With national debt nearing $17.3 trillion and the workforce participation rate at its lowest levels since the Jimmy Carter Administration, Tom Reed today voted against a clean debt ceiling increase, calling for greater financial responsibility out of Washington. “I work … Read More

NY-23 Dem candidate breaks promise on hacking fundraising solicitation

Ever since Legal Insurrection broke the story that NY-23 Democratic challenger Martha Robertson sent a fundraising email claiming that “GOP Ops” had been “caught” trying to take down her website, Robertson has been on the defensive. The Robertson campaign has never provided any proof that GOP operatives attempted to hack her website and eventually was forced to back off that claim.  The website never was down, and the “hacking” … Read More