Exercise Your Right

Vote November 8th 

by Tom Reed

The right to vote is one of the most important rights we have as Americans.  We are given the opportunity to directly choose our leaders and representatives. This is something we should never take for granted. Men and women have fought for and died for our freedom and our rights. It is our duty to honor their sacrifice through voting.

From Lexington and Concord through history to today, those serving in our military have sacrificed and died to protect our rights. My father was a career Army officer in World War II and Korea, He fought side by side with Americans from all walks of life to protect our rights and freedoms. Those serving today, likewise preserve our right to vote.

Our democracy depends on each of us exercising our right to vote. As you exercise your right this November, I ask for your consideration for your vote for congress.

I am an outsider in Washington fighting to make sure New York gets its fair share. I am proud to be a leading voice in putting our families above DC politics. That is why I have held over 200 town hall meetings throughout our 11 counties.  I want to understand what our communities have to say and what their concerns are so I can continue to bring your voice to Washington and fight for real change.

I am fighting to make sure New York is always put first because I care about the success of our families and our communities.  New York is my only home; it is where I grew up, and where my wife and I are raising our kids.

I care about our future here in New York and want to give our families every opportunity to succeed.  I am dedicated to standing with you and will always be available to discuss your issues and concerns.  That is why I am humbly asking for your support for Congress on November 8th.

Your voice should be heard, and your vote truly does matter.  No matter who you plan to vote for, please take the time to use your right to vote this year. It is too important not to.