Journeys of Tom Reed in Politics

Journeys of Tom Reed in Politics

Journeys of Tom Reed in PoliticsName of Tom Reed becomes popular in US after he becomes part of congress member in US. He joined the congress member after winning the election in 2010. Of course, he has his own life journey that makes him able to reach the position in the congress. It is interesting to see his journey and career until he got position and become quite famous in US. As for the name, his full name is Thomas Willard Reed. However, people know more about his nickname, Tom Reed. It is not only when he is the member of congress, but it has been long ago before he got the position. He was born in Illinois and then he grew with his family in Corning, New York. In his family, he is the last child in his family, and it is a big family with 12 children. He grew in this big family. Since his childhood, Tom Reed is known for his achievement in schools and he was regarded as smart child. To see his journey, it is better to check these points.

One of the interesting achievements of Tom Reed was made in 1993. He was smart since childhood but his brilliance was seen when he was teenager until he got admitted to the university. In 1993, he graduated and got BA title in politics from Alfred University. He had showed great interest in politics since his early ages. That was why he chose to study politics in university. He had read many books about this field even before he joined the university. Because of his early interest, he became popular once he became politicians. He got vast network among other politicians and other groups of people. After his graduation from Alfred University, Tom Reed still pursued further educations. Then, he got admitted in Claude Pettit College of Law. He completed his study in 1996 and graduated from the campus. He chose to continue his education by studying law because he thought that politics that he wanted to choose as career would need sufficient knowledge so he got strong basics before being real politicians in US.
After completing his study, he did not directly become politician.

However, he decided to work in law firm. With his educational background, it is not difficult for him to get the job with his achievement in his study. Then, he got accepted and started working at law firm of Gallo and Lacovangelo. It was his dream to work in this law firm and that was why he prepared himself seriously so he could get the position in the law firm. Tom Reed worked in there from 1996 until 1999. During his works, he returned once to his hometown for his mother’s funeral in Corning. This made him stop working for some moment, but then he continued working until 1999.

After he quitted from the law firm, he made his own office. One of the concerns of his office was in debt collection. However, it did not last long. In 2007, Tom Reed decided to become politician and he tried to join the election of mayor in Corning. His decision to join the election got good response from the public and it made him win in the election. Thus, he got position in Corning. He won over his rival, Frank Coccho with percentage of 58%. He worked in Corning for 2 years. In his position, he worked well and he made some achievements with his position in Corning. Because of these, he became more popular and even people outside Corning started to know him.

After being mayor in Corning, he did not stop being politician. With his achievements and popularity that he got, he wanted to step further in politics. That is why he participated in the election in 2010. Of course, election for the seats of congress members was not easy. There were many rivals and Tom Reed was still considered new in politics. Although he got popular after his works in Corning, it was still not totally enough in national level. During his struggle, even he got problem related to his office. As what is mentioned, he established his own office and actually it made him facing trouble. Many parties asked him to remove his name from the office. His ownership of the office brought him obstacles and it made him involved in many debates because he did not want to do what people asked him. However, it was not easy to keep his position because he dealt with regulation. In the end, he followed the regulations and he is no longer associated with any offices. As the results, the office changed the name into RR or Resource Recovery. With this, he continued his campaign to strengthen his position and foundation. He said that he had no correlation with any offices anymore and he did not want to get associated with any office in the future as he held the position. Of course, it was not easy decision to leave what he had built in his early career. Then, he got his success in 2017 when he got seat in House Way and Means Committee.