Tom Reed’s Career as Politician in US

Tom Reed’s Career as Politician in US

Tom Reed’s Career as Politician in US – Tom Reed is one of the popular politicians in US. However, as other politicians and big names in a country, they surely has his own journey to reach the success. Tom Reed also has his own struggle and effort and it is something interesting to see. His full name is Thomas Willard Reed. However, he was popularly known as Tom Reed and it was not only during his position as member of congress in US. He already got his nickname during his early career. As for his profile, he was part of big family. He was born in Illinois and then he grew with this family in Corning, New York. He has big family and he was the last child of 12 children in his family. Although he grew into successful politician, his family did not have career in this field.

His interest in politics had emerged when he was young. He loved to read things related to politics and this led him to choose studying politics. He studied in Alfred University and he got good achievement in his study. He completed his bachelor degree in 1993 and graduated from the university. After his graduation, he did not directly become politician or worked in related field. However, he decided to pursue his study and continued in Claude Pettit College of Law. As what he did during his bachelor degree, things run smoothly and he could finish his study in 1996. He chose major of law because he thought that politics and law was related and learning both of them gave him enough knowledge that would support him in his career in the future. When he has completed his studies, he thought that it was time for him to get proper job.

As for his first job, he did not directly become politician. He also did not join any party after his graduation. Yet he decided to work on law firm. It was not wrong for him to choose the job because he got enough knowledge to support his job. He decided to send his application to a law firm. He got accepted and worked in Gallo Law Firm. Some references said that working in the law firm was part of his dream so when he got accepted, it was like his great success in achieving his dream. His works in law firm run well. However, he once stopped working after he got news about his mother. His mother passed away in 1998 and it made him return to Corning. After the funeral, he did not directly return to his job and but he stopped working. However, it did not last long. After some time, he got back to his job and he continued it until 1999.

After he resigned from the law firm, he made his own office. It was named as Tomas W. Reed which means that it is his own name. He made his own name as the name of his firm and this did not cause any problems. His firm worked on cases related to the debt collections. The firm and its business run well even when he decided to join election in Corning. In 2007, he made big leaps in his career because he chose to become politician by being a mayor in Corning. His decision to join the election got good response from people of Corning. As the results, he won the election with 58% of votes. He worked in his new position in Corning for 2 years. During the period of time, he could be considered successful in his career. He got some achievements in Corning and it made him more popular. At the same time, his firm was also still running.

Being politician in Corning did not make him stop pursuing further career and higher position. That is why he participated in the election of congress in US. Of course, it was not easy steps for him. He might be popular in Corning with his achievements. However, congresses of US were different level. Moreover, some people still thought that he was too young and his career as politician was still too short to get the good results in election. During this struggle, he also got problem related to his firm. His firm was still working until he pursued further career as politician. In fact, there were regulations that made him have to remove name of his firm. Of course, this was not easy decision for him.

At first, he refused to remove or change the name of his firm. He even involved in some debates regarding the regulations. However, he had no power to fight against the regulation. In teh end, he changed the name of the firm. Even, he made strong statement during his campaigns. He said that he was no longer associated to any firms and he did not want to get associated anymore in the future. As the result, the firm changed the name into Resource Recovery and Tom Reed got better position in his career. Finally, 2017 became one of the best moment in his life when he got high position in US. He even got responsibility in regulations related to the taxes in US. His work on taxes and its regulation made him more popular as politician.