Tom Reed suspends political fundraising, raising funds for the Barstool Fund for small business relief

In congress we’ve worked hard to provide relief to America’s small businesses struggling during burdensome COVID shutdowns, but more must be done. The work that Dave Portnoy and The Barstool Fund have done is what makes America great: people helping people.

We’ve seen Americans from all backgrounds pitch in to assist in this effort even including celebrities and athletes. Largely absent… elected officials. Starting today, my campaign is suspending political fundraising for 24 hours and instead ALL contributions made online will be passed to The Barstool Fund for small businesses.

I’m kicking things off with an initial $5,000 donation of my own, and I’m asking YOU to donate by clicking below.…/reed-social-barstoolfund

I challenge other elected officials to put your money where your mouth is and join in this effort to help those suffering due to mandated government shutdowns.