Cuomo lied

Reports estimate New York sent thousands of our grandparents to die in nursing homes. Cuomo is choosing to blame the CDC and President Trump, but PolitiFact says his claim is “false.” The truth is no one forced his hand to implement certain nursing home policies. He chose to do so. Now he wants to blame others because he can’t stand … Read More

Bail reform disaster

I recently joined Fox & Friends to discuss New York’s disastrous bail reform that allows dangerous criminals to be released and go on to commit more crimes. We MUST hold people accountable when the law is broken and end extremism in New York. Watch my interview here.

Cuomo’s Green Light Law

Governor CUOMO wants to ARREST our brave LAW ENFORCEMENT on FELONY CHARGES just for doing their jobs keeping New York safe. UNBELIEVABLE EXTREMISM! This must end! Read more about this disastrous policy here.

Justice for George Floyd

Justice must and will be served for the murder of George Floyd. As an arrest has been made, those responsible for this tragedy are being, and will be held accountable. While it is more important than anything that people’s voices are heard, rioting cannot be the answer. The violence must be condemned. Let us rather unite as a nation to … Read More

Regional hospital and health network pledge

We are pleased to announce this collaborative effort by local hospitals and health networks in the Southern Tier, Finger Lakes and Western New York. This will help ensure medical supplies, test kits and bed capacities are efficiently utilized across the regions to ensure we meet the metrics to remain open. Glad to do our part to bring this together! Read … Read More


Tom was proud to introduce the bi-partisan, bicameral SMART Fund. This protects local property tax payers. We care about helping keep property taxes low, and we don’t need even more political pressure on local government from the Governor. “Speaking with local leaders every day, and as a former small town mayor myself, I knew it was only fair that this … Read More

Western NY reopening

After our collaborative efforts these past few weeks, I am pleased to hear Governor Cuomo announced that Phase 1 of reopening Western NY started this week! More here.

A partisan exercise

Now, more than ever, we need to be working together, seeking bi-partisan compromise, and keeping our eye on the ball as we work to get through the historic challenges we face. Unfortunately, the HEROES Act proposed by Speaker Pelosi misses the mark. No committee work. No bi-partisan discussion. The result: a bill that’s largely a partisan wish list and even … Read More