Congress back to work

During these uncertain times, one thing is certain: we must find a bipartisan plan to get our nation back on its feet. And to do that, our elected officials must come together for the American people. The Problem Solvers Caucus held our first virtual debate to show that although we are socially distant, we can still make significant discourse on … Read More

More tests means reopening

With the increases in testing as a result of our deal with Quest Diagnostics, it was announced yesterday that the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes regions have hit the benchmarks needed to reopen! It’s time to safely reopen! Read more here.

Protecting those on the front lines

Tom recently visited Brooks Memorial Hospital to discuss a Paycheck Protection Program that would keep the staff employed and allow them to continue to help the people of our community. We must protect those who are on the front lines and stand together as a nation during the COVID-19 crisis. Read more here.

Re-opening New York

We are committed to helping the Southern Tier and Central and Western New York re-open, and yesterday I announced a deal with Quest Diagnostics to provide the region with thousands of surplus test kits to satisfy the usage needs of approximately 3 million people. There can be no question that the testing requirements in order to reopen based on Governor … Read More

Standing up for local governments

In this critical time, as we allocate needed stimulus funds to individuals, businesses, and government entities, we need to ensure that funds are shared fairly. That includes making sure that funds intended for local governments are not going to states and getting redirected elsewhere due to state capital politics. While we understand the pressures facing governors nationwide, the support secured … Read More

Around the clock

We hope you are staying safe and healthy. We wanted to provide an update on what we’ve been working on. The USA Today highlighted our around the clock work in a recent article. “Unlike many of his colleagues who are working from their houses, Reed has made his district office into a second home. He has meetings nearly every half-hour … Read More

Sign our petition to safely re-open the economy

Our bi-partisan to safely re-open American can can be found here. Sign our petition supporting this bi-partisan solution and prove to elected officials from both parties that the American people demand and deserve solutions that value both our health and our economic viability. SIGN HERE.

USA Today: Here’s how to safely reopen America when coronavirus pandemic wanes

“It’s important that we assess the threat of the virus region by region and consider reopening in phases or by industry.” -Reps. Tom Reed and Josh Gottheimer More here:

The Post-Journal: Congressman’s Office Helping Residents During Pandemic

“Reed said his staff has helped two district residents return home during the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, outbreak who were overseas when the pandemic hit. The daughter of a teacher at Alfred State was in Morocco when Reed’s office helped her return back to New York state after connecting her to the U.S. Embassy. Also, Reed said a former Fredonia native … Read More